WANDRD makes our favorite bags whether we are using them for Photography, Videography, Travel or Hiking!  They are a Kickstarter success story and their team and products kickass! Check them out here: Wandrd

Floricolor USA

Floricolor USA makes the most luxurious and beautiful heirloom quality albums we’ve ever seen!  Considering all of the conferences and showroom floors we’ve walked, that’s impressive!  Our favorite collection is the Jenn Bruno Smith Collection.  Don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourself here: Floricolor USA

ClickCon & ClickCon Nation

Rick and Katja Wright are super excited to be a part of ClickCon Nation and ClickCon Chicago 2021!  They are teaching multiple Boudoir Classes, a Fashion Photowalk and an entire Max Day Boudoir emersion experience.  You can find out more about them on the official ClickCon 2021 Speaker page here: ClickCon Speakers

More information about ClickCon and how to sign up can be found here: ClickCon Save 20% by using their discount code!!: wright15

Square Payroll Services

Square was the best value and lowest cost payroll provider we found.  We use them to pay ourselves, employees and 1099 contractors.  They take care of paying all of our payroll taxes each pay period and issuing all of our W2 and 1099 forms. They are great, even if you are your only employee!  We’ve been very happy with them. Here’s a discount code, if you’d like to try them out: Square Payroll Services

Square Payment Processing

Square also offers payment processing services.  They offer physical card readers, an APP to process payments on your phone or tablet as well as commerce solutions. Here’s a discount code, if you’d like to try them out: Square Payment Processing


PayPal is our preferred payment processor and we’ve been using them for nearly 10 years now for our businesses and for over 10 years personally.  They make it incredibly easy to send out invoices, process credit card payments and integrate with e-commerce sites.  We highly recommend them.  Want to give them a try? ​Use this link to Sign Up: Paypal Processing


We use ShootProof as our online gallery and fulfillment service and love them!  They are one of the only online galleries that don’t take a cut of your sales.  We use ShootProof to deliver electronic releases and contracts and to collect Client signatures on them.

As the name suggests, proofing is a big part of their services and we use ShootProof to make it easy and seamless for our Clients to select the images they want to buy and download them.  We just send Clients a password protected link to their gallery and they can use it to download their images to any device.

ShootProof can also be used for print order fulfillment with e-commerce.  Clients order the images they want printed, chose the size they want and the type of product (Metal, Canvas, or Print) and ShootProof takes care of everything!  They send the image to the lab of your choice, pay the lab (out of the proceeds collected from the sale), the lab fulfills the order and drop ships directly to your Client and ShootProof pays you the difference without taking a commission.  Its so easy!

They even have a free trial, if you’d like to try them out click here:  ShootProof


We’ve used Dropbox for nearly 10 years now.  It’s an incredibly easy way to transfer files back and forth and to sync them across multiple devices.  We use Dropbox to receive and deliver editing and retouching projects from Clients all over the world.  It’s easy and intuitive to use. Click here to try it for yourself: Dropbox


Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is a critical part of our businesses.  It keep us highly organized, automates our repetitive processes, keeps us on track, sends out reminders and e-mails, saves time and makes our jobs so much easier, so we can focus on our Clients.  We use Dubsado.