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Welcome to Iris Studios! 

We're a premiere Photography Studio located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward District.  Our services include:

  • Retouching ~ Enhance your photographs with our professional retouching services tailored for photographers

  • Studio Rentals ~ Join our brand neutral studio share to grow and evolve your business! Save you time and money by not having to invest and manage your own personal studio.  Hourly & Daily rentals are available  

  • Education ~ We offer workshops and One-on-One Classes on lighting, camera gear, and retouching in Photoshop

  • Business & Brand Development ~ Elevate your business with our logo design, headshot services, and personalized branding solutions

  • Real Estate Photography ~ Capture the essence of your properties with our photography services.  We cater to both real estate professionals and homeowners





Blemish and Bruise Removal - We remove blemishes without losing skin texture!

Skin Smoothing -  You dictate how much skin smoothing you'd like from none, natural, to glam

Skin-Tone Matching  - Your clients images will look more cohesive with matching skin tones 

Detail Sharpening - Did your camera not quite focus right, or want your subject's eyes or details to pop more?  

Stray Hair reduction or removal - we'll remove them at the crown and across the face

Stretch-marks reduction or removal - this can be adjusted on a per client basis!  

Under-eye circle reduction - help your subjects look refreshed

Wrinkle reduction in Skin and/or  Clothing

Liquify - remove pucker in clothing, or fixes ill fitting garments

Double Chin removal or reduction

Clothing Tag removal

Small objects removed - we remove up to 3 small objects without additional costs, such as light switches or electrical outlets

Background Extension or Smoothing 

Our per image price is as low as $6.00/image.

Additional services are available as well and quoted individually! 

Add Head-Swaps, Large Object Removal, Tan-Line Removal, Composite work, and more at as little as $5/image!
We never require a contract, but do have a minimum order of 5 images.

Whether you're ready to outsource retouching for the first time, or are looking for a new retouching company, we'll match your style seamlessly!  Your clients won't know you use a retoucher unless you tell them.  

We offer affordable solutions so you can shoot more, increase income and get your life back! Our personalized retouching goes far beyond AI or batch editing! We aim for natural results and pay attention to details AI will often miss.

Many of our clients just hate post processing or have a hard time being consistent.  Culling is often a time thief too!  Its sometimes just a hard decision making process when its your images of your client.   Don't let it get in the way of running a successful studio!

We offer high end editing and retouching services such as, but not limited to:

Our services will be tailored to YOUR business needs.  We can have your images IPS ready or retouch chosen images to lower your expenses.   Keeping your images safe is our top priority!  You and your clients can rest assured that we only use retouchers in the USA and only share images using the safest platform we could find.


Check out some of our before and afters!

Click here to

Color Correction
Exposure Adjustments
Skin Retouching
Object Removal
Black and White Conversion
File Renaming and Numbering
Album Design

studio SHARE in milwaukee, wi

Iris Studios is a premiere Photography & Videography Studio available to rent on an HOURLY, DAILY or MONTHLY  basis!

We're located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward District in the Merchant Mills Building, which is also home to The Wicked Hop and Colectivo Coffee.  The building is conveniently located across the street from the Milwaukee Public Market.  Built in 1865, it is one of the oldest buildings in Milwaukee and has loads of charm!

The Merchant Mills Building is full of charm and the perfect space for Creatives and Professionals.  The area is a vibrant urban neighborhood full of unique; restaurants, shops, galleries, lofts and we're right on The Hop Streetcar line. 

Our brand-neutral studio is available to rent from 6am to 9pm.  The only artwork and business information your Clients will see is your own.  It's the perfect spot to grow and evolve your business!  


The space opens up to a large 600 square foot space with 14 foot ceiling height and is perfect for your photography & videography needs!

A motorized seamless paper system offers 6 different color backgrounds.  We always guarantee black and white.  Just behind it, you will find a wall system with 7 muslins in various colors and sizes, from a green screen to a giant gray muslin which will cover the entire wall!   

Cream-city brick complement the Dominian Walnut Hardwood LVP flooring.  It's soft to walk on and offers a unique look to your images!  

The third shooting wall features mirrors and a movable Tin Wall background.  The gray walls are all painted an 18% gray.  The gray wall behind the paper & muslins are an additional option for dynamic images.  

Rent our studio in hourly & daily blocks!  
3 hour minimum
See rental dates & time availability and BOOK your session at    

Iris Studios offers Monthly Memberships to Rent our studio! 

Grow your business without the hassle and costs associated with running a studio.  Choose a membership that works for you, our plans start at only $200/month.

Membership Perks: 
  • Cost savings: By renting our studio through a membership, you will save money compared to renting the studio on a la carte basis.
  • Technical support: Receive a 30 minute lighting one-on-one class from us when you sign up!
  • Educational resources: As a member, receive 10% off any workshops or one-on-one on all of our classes!
  • Access to high-quality equipment: Members enjoy access to a wide range of high-quality lighting gear and accessories. Use and learn studio lighting without spending thousands on new gear!
  • Storage tote available to rent to keep your gear or props in the studio.

Additional Membership Benefits:
  • Key-holder - Receive your own key to enter the building & code to enter the studio.
  • Ability to reserve advanced studio time.
  • Flashpoint / Godox Lighting and Bowens modifiers
  • Limited storage available for Premiere Members (for professional photography equipment only).

Rental Terms:

  • 3 month rental agreement, month to month thereafter. 
  • 60 days written notice required to cancel Rental Agreement.
  • Security Deposit is $250 per member, regardless of membership level.
  • Security Deposit due with 1st month’s rent at Rental Agreement signing.
  • Time slots are divided out in 3 hour blocks, including weekends.  

Please contact Rick for Monthly Rentals or other questions  call 773-263-0782 or

Studio address: 
225 East Saint Paul Avenue
Suite 200
Milwaukee WI 53202


hourly AND DAILY rentals


Just outside our studio are four large chairs and an end table to welcome your Clients and have a space to gather if they're waiting for their turn in the studio or other members of their party to join them.

Stepping into the studio is a nice display area, several antique camera displays and a coat rack to further welcome your Clients into the space.  


Iris Studios is ready for you to display your own work, 100% of the time.  We're not like many area studios that permanently feature artwork up from the studio owner.  At Iris Studios, YOU shine!   

You will find several areas ready to feature your own samples in with no constrictions on space!  Our reveal walls hold images, canvas, metals etc up to 30x40" in size.  See the photos below showing our Reveal Wall with and without samples.  The framed prints on the lower shelf are 11x14" frames to give you a reference.  The counter is a great place to showcase albums, acrylic blocks etc.

Display your session images, pricing guides or slideshows on our Large  55" TV with HMDI cable & Roku Stick 

Play music using our JBL Bluetooth Speaker during any session!  

The mini refrigerator is stocked with small water bottles, and anything you might bring for your clients.


Bring your own lighting or use any of the 4 Godox Strobes and 48" parabolic softbox, medium beauty dish, and
2 Strip-boxes.  Lighting is included in your monthly rental and is available to rent for hourly & daily rentals.

We have lots of furniture options for you to use during your sessions!  Our gray Futon Couch easily converts to a Full-sized bed.   There's an additional couch, several benches, chairs and stools in various styles and colors. All furniture have hardwood sliders to make them easy to move around and out of the way.

Your clients will enjoy a private Changing Area with Mirror complete with Rolling Rack Cart to make clothing changes an ease!

real estate photography

One-on-one classes
and workshops

Personal Branding,  head shots & Logos


Need to elevate your brand? 
We can help with custom logos start at $150.  Check out our logos we've created for other small businesses from bold to whimsical!  



Put your best face forward! Come to our studio, or have us come to your place of business. We take dynamic images for individual or company headshots and branding style photography. See pricing and package options at Iris Imprints Photography Inc.

For more information and pricing, please visit  Iris Imprints Photography, Inc.


We offer real estate photography in Milwaukee, WI and the surrounding counties.

 Packages start at $175.00.  


education and partners


Intimidated by large classes or feel that workshops are too overwhelming?  Consider a one-on-one course with Iris Studios!

We offer courses on Lighting, Camera Settings, Retouching, Editing Workflow to name a few.  Classes are available in person  or online via Zoom.  To learn more, click here:


Looking for new companies to help yours grow?  Check out the partners we have worked with, some as long as a decade!

WANDRD makes our favorite bags whether we are using them for Photography, Videography, Travel or Hiking! They are a Kickstarter success story and their team and products kickass! Check them out!

Floricolor USA makes the most luxurious and beautiful heirloom quality albums we’ve ever seen! Considering all of the conferences and showroom floors we’ve walked, that’s impressive! Our favorite collection is the Jenn Bruno Smith Collection. Don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourself!

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is a great resource for Business Resources, Contracts, Copyright & Advocacy, Insurance, Sales & Marketing tools and so much more. We highly recommend becoming a Member.   Use our membership referral link to save $35.

Square Payroll Services was the best value and lowest cost payroll provider we found. We use them to pay ourselves, employees and 1099 contractors. They take care of paying all of our payroll taxes each pay period and issuing all of our W2 and 1099 forms. They are great, even if you are your only employee! We’ve been very happy with them. Here’s a discount code, if you’d like to try them out, just click the name! 

Square Payment Processing also offers payment processing services. They offer physical card readers, an APP to process payments on your phone or tablet as well as commerce solutions. Enjoy a discount code when clicking the link!

PayPal is our preferred payment processor and we’ve been using them for nearly 10 years now for our businesses and for over 10 years personally. They make it incredibly easy to send out invoices, process credit card payments and integrate with e-commerce sites. We highly recommend them. Want to give them a try? ​

ShootProof is our online gallery and fulfillment service and love them! They are one of the only online galleries that don’t take a cut of your sales. We use ShootProof to deliver electronic releases and contracts and to collect Client signatures on them.

As the name suggests, proofing is a big part of their services and we use ShootProof to make it easy and seamless for our Clients to select the images they want to buy and download them. We just send Clients a password protected link to their gallery and they can use it to download their images to any device.

ShootProof can also be used for print order fulfillment with e-commerce. Clients order the images they want printed, chose the size they want and the type of product (Metal, Canvas, or Print) and ShootProof takes care of everything! They send the image to the lab of your choice, pay the lab (out of the proceeds collected from the sale), the lab fulfills the order and drop ships directly to your Client and ShootProof pays you the difference without taking a commission. Its so easy!  They even have a free trial!

We’ve used Dropbox for nearly 10 years now. It’s an incredibly easy way to transfer files back and forth and to sync them across multiple devices. We use Dropbox to receive and deliver editing and retouching projects from Clients all over the world. It’s easy and intuitive to use. 


We own and operate three area photography businesses; Iris Studios, Iris Imprints Photography and Iris Boudoir.  We opened our physical studio in the Third Ward Neighborhood in Milwaukee back in June 2018, though Iris Imprints Photography started in 2012.  

We  are both internationally published photographers.  Rick's is a Nikon gear-head who loves keeping up on advancements in tech and trying out new equipment and techniques.  Rick teaches our Workshops and is in charge of management, and sales.  

Katja heads up the retouching department, logos, and real estate photography.  Katja is more focused on the creative side of the business.  

We often work together for headshots, and aim to create stunning images that capture each client’s confidence, personality and beauty. The goal with each client, whether you're in front of the camera or a creative yourself, is always the same – to exceed expectations every time! 

Throughout the year, we teach in hands-on workshops where they share what they’ve learned and perfected over the years.  When they’re not working as artists, they’re cheering on their three kids; Aubrey, Nadia and Grant or enjoying live music at a concert or festival. 

Check out our other websites!

Enjoy some of our Behind the Scenes shots and favorite travel memories:

Hi!  We're Rick and Katja Wright!


rick goes above & beyond

While I have not yet had the chance to meet Katja, Rick is a complete gem of a human, and discovering Iris Studios may very well be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Rick is extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to make sure his clients, and his studio members are taken care of. There was an electronic malfunction before my scheduled session this last week, and Rick stayed with me for my ENTIRE session to serve as a guide, and make sure I could deliver as promised to my model.

The studio itself is perfectly located in the heart of the Third Ward, and is absolutely beautiful: bursting with historic charm and modern amenities. The cherry on top is the space is always clean as a whistle. Rick and Katja have put extremely safe Covid policies in place for all studio members, including a hospital grade air filter, free masks, and bountiful disinfecting supplies. They’ve even transitioned the water tower to individual bottles!

I could brag about Iris and Rick forever, but I encourage you to experience it for yourself. If you’re a Milwaukee photographer looking for studio space, I can’t see how you could do better than Iris. It is EXTREMELY affordable for what is offered, and I am forever grateful to Rick for creating a space where young photographers and experienced photographers alike can grow their businesses. 
- Ryan C


Just went through the images to our first retouching order and wow! I'm super impressed. I have been wanting to up my images for a while and this is just the boost I needed! 

- Mark B  (Retouching Client)

My first client pickup was last night.... Ms S.... she was absolutely blown away.  "I am flawless" :-) 

Thank you SO MUCH -- to say I am thrilled is an understatement. Everything is dialed in to near perfection already and I'm so unbelievably thankful!

- Laura R. (Retouching Client)

Super impressed

conducive to creativity

OMG this place was awesome! The Peerspace post seemed a little too good to be true, but was way more than I expected. Lights, 10+ Backdrops, Props (Mirrors, Couch, several Stools, Purell, Kleenex, Water. . .Just walked in with a camera, a trigger, a computer, and was ready to roll. Super clean and so many options to shoot. Will definitely use this space again. Thank you!


Rick went above and beyond to accommodate me. Met me at the studio and gave me an extensive tour, really got me accommodated to the space. I booked last minute for a hybrid video/photo shoot and booking this studio was honestly perfect. The space was clean, organized, cozy, user friendly, and best of all, conducive to creativity. The motorized backdrops were a very cool and useful feature, there was ample power, plenty of standard grip, and it was very safe. I will absolutely be booking this space again.

- Christopher

thank you!


I rented this studio for a photoshoot and found it to be a beautiful location and perfect for what I was looking for. The owner was fantastic and showed me where all the amenities were. The whole process was seamless. There were lights, a comfortable changing and wardrobe area, nice high ceilings and an easy place to load in and bring clients to view the shoot. Highly recommended.


Rick and Katja are very talented professionals. The space is comfortable. They have great skills and an abundance of high tech equipment. I recommend them for MANY gigs.


Highly recommend!

See more rave reviews on Facebook and Peerspace!


To schedule a tour or book a rental, please contact

Rick call or text: (773) 263-0782. 


Studio Address:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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